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By totheheadrecords, May 4 2015 01:00PM

The longest running and hands down most extreme band in Western Colorado is now proud to call To The Head Records home!

With a 10 year history behind them, EXUSSUM has grown leaps and bounds into a pulverizing force on the brutal death metal scene. 'FALSE GOD EVOLUTION,' their first proper full length album (their 4th release total) showcases a band, lead by guitarist and song writer Andreas Hollstein and rounded out by drummer Taylor Riley, at the top of their form as musicians, performers, and aware, conscious individuals.

'FALSE GOD EVOLUTION' is available May 12th, with pre-orders beginning right now! Packages include a limited edition Digipack,limited edition t-shirt (designed by artist Bahrull Marta), a signed 11x17 poster, and a beverage koozie, all for the low, low price of $22.00!

By totheheadrecords, Jan 31 2015 08:08AM

Ancient Wind has at long last released their debut album, 'The Chosen Slain' on To The Head Records, and quickly became the highest selling album in the label's short history! Though its doubtful the Billboard charts will recognize it (undoubtedly a conspiracy against true metal), we are proud to call the album a success thus far. As the reviews start rolling in, it is quickly becoming apparent that metal fans the world over have been craving something like this; unique, heavy, driving, and relevant. Ancient Wind is an amalgamation of everything that is good about metal, and if you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a favor and get on it!

If you have any inquiries, for a possible review or interview, contact Kyle at hatchet@totheheadrecords.com

By totheheadrecords, Dec 6 2014 01:51AM

TTHR has been slowly trotting along this last year due to the many life obligations of the owner and primary do-stuff guy Kyle Davis. Well, after a successful run for office (successful being a relative term), landing and maintaining a good job, and building up funds to support his many ventures, the time has come for To The Head Records to rev back up. Next week, we begin the countdown to our biggest release yet, Ancient Wind's "The Chosen Slain." Murder Cafe's final album will be getting a proper mix and digital release, and we have our eye on a few potential signings out there. There is an underground here; we aim to give it proper exposure and while strengthening the foundation.

By totheheadrecords, Jun 11 2014 06:54PM

Life sure does take a hold, doesn't it? Despite seeming inactivity on our front, I can promise you that we have NOT been stagnant! The boys in Ancient Wind have been in the studio for the last few months, and have made some serious progress; only a few stringed tracks and vocals remain to be laid down. Art work is on it's way, and before you know it, the release day shall be upon us!

Murder Cafe has decided to end their career on the upswing. Though this is sad, they at least finished up in the studio before calling it quits. Here is a sample of what is to come from their swansong:

Drug Crazed Abandon overdosed again, but enough time has passed from rehab for him find his balance again, and he can now be found a healthy level of strung out, working in the studio on what to him seems like a daily basis. Music is coming, we promise.

We have a new bag of tricks up our sleeves, so don’t count us out!

By totheheadrecords, Feb 19 2014 02:46PM

Glenwood Springs titan's ANCIENT WIND steps into Fusion Studios in Grand Junction, Colorado with Taylor Riley (Exussum, Coffin Hammer) to lay down the tracks that will eventually become "The Chosen Slain." This much anticipated debut LP is set for a tentative August 2014 release, and will be available in special edition packages. Frontman Rob O'Leary has this to say:

"What a long fucking road it's been gentlemen; many miles and countless hours of hard work are about to be put to the test. Good thing we're 100 percent confident in the product we'll be releasing. Here's a track list, subject to change....faggots."

1. Blood of the Saxons

2. With Hate in Their Eyes

3. Brothers of War

4. They Walk an Endless Path

5. Wolves of the Northern Sea

6. Take Back the Pit

7. The Secret of Steel

8. Death Without Absolution

By totheheadrecords, Oct 10 2013 02:54AM

To The Head Records is all about Colorado. Sure, we reach out to and work with bands from around the world, but one of our main missions is to display the power of the Colorado music scene. As such, we just added a slew of records of bands from around the state to the web shop, and plan to add many more here soon. If you have a record you would like to have included in the web store, please email Kyle at hatchet@totheheadrecords.com, and we will work something out for ya!

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